A Journey - Reading Traitors Blade by Sebastian De Castell

First of all this blog comes with an announcement, the name has changed and i love it already. From here on now the blog is called "The Grimdark Files" with help from my twitter friend Trinity Foreman aka @avengedheart54. This blog is taking off with rocket boosters!!

Right on to the main event I have just finished reading "Traitors Blade" by Sebastian De Castell, the first book in "The Greatcoats" series and what a read it was! Best fantasy book of 2016 for me so far!

Where to start with this? Well, it really does start with a bang the novel opens with three men standing guard outside while their master has some fun in the room with someone, you discover that them men are former members of the King's Greatcoats and have been disbanded after the king is executed by the Dukes. The fantasy realm we are inhabiting this time is called Tristia one of the more exciting fantasy realms that i have come across. The men's master is assassinated which launches the greatcoats on a journey to save Tristia from the iron rule of the dukes.

The novel is told from the perspective of Falcio Val Mond, the first cantor of the Greatcoats and is told in the first person perspective in the present day scenes an the flashbacks that Falcio experiences that tell the story up to a certain point. This particular way of telling a story can be it's downfall but Sebastian handles this very well and the story flows really nicely, this allows the reader to really experience the memories that Falcio has and really sympathise with as well. The novel also allows you to appreciate the finer points of swordplay as well, it is to the credit of Sebastian that the writing shows he has a great narrative voice and also presents a heavy story as well.

I do remember when i first saw this advertised that i was sceptical about what it could offer but this reviewer has been pleasantly surprised and i would thoroughly recommend this for any fan of fantasy literature. This is a excellent debut novel and i would encourage everyone to read it, well now its time for me to continue reading the next book in the series "Knight's Shadow".

To all fans of fantasy literature keep reading!

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