A new voice in the great halls of Fantasy! - A review of Ashael Rising by Shona Kinsella

Hello all!

How is everyone? What do you love most about the fantasy genre? This is a question that I am often asked and my answer is always..the wonderful feeling of being able to explore a secondary world.

A recent opportunity came when I was asked to review a novel called Ashael Rising by Shona Kinsella I was given a free VARC to read and this is my honest review. What a ride I was in for! This is the story of invasion and the fight against it and the consequences. It is also a wonderful coming of age story as well, this is a particular trope in fantasy if done wrong can be fatal for it....fortunately this is not case. The character of Ashael and the journey she goes is one of the most incredible that I have had the privilege to read. For those who follow my blog I try and keep everything spoiler free and this is no exception!

Everything about this novel gripped me the word is wonderfully described, everything from the malice of the invaders to the snakes that live on the forest floor! This is a fantasy world that has been truly well imagined and when you finish you will think that this place exists! Shona's writing is easily accessible as well, a nice easy to read style that eases you in to her invented world. The magic system is intriguing and unique (pay attention as it is important!) and plays an important role in the story and the characters development ( my hat is off to Shona for creating such a awesome magic system). Also no info dump is inflicted on the reader either (again thank you Shona) you are eased in to this invented world and allowed the time to get used to the world and its many characters.

When you get an opportunity to read Ashael Rising do so without hesitation! This is a book not to be missed for any fan of fantasy literature! I do not know a release date yet but I will keep you posted if you are interested!

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