A really pleasant surprise...

A good evening (or morning depending on where you are) to you if you are reading this and i hope you are enjoying what ever you are reading at the moment.

This is really just a shout to a awesome book seller that i have come across and will be using from now on for my book hunting needs :).

Has anyone heard of Wordery.com? I hadn't and i came across them by accident while hunting for a book to be added to my TBR list (Six of Crows..if you must ask) and i am more than impressed with them. As one of the largest online independent book stores their service is great and you also get one of the coolest # to use #Happyreading but also you get a free bookmark as well (i am always loosing them so the more the better in my opinion).

Anyway another brief post with a shout out to Wordery for being so awesome, and another way for me to procure those awesome sounding fantasy titles and lesser known works as well.

My posts on on my best books of 2015 and top 10 fantasy books of all time are all coming soon watch this space.

Keep reading.

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