A review of Age of Myth by Michael J Sullivan - Epic Fantasy the way it should be!

Hello all! I do hope that everyone is well. This is an review that I have been wanting to do for some time so here we go!

One of my most anticipated fantasy novels of 2016 was Age of Myth, book 1 of the Legends of the First Empire by the marvelous Michael J Sullivan, one of my favorite authors writing at the moment (and of all time so far). I had a received a few sneak peaks of the novel as I was a part of the kickstarter for The Death Of Dulgath, this merely whetted my appetite.

The story is one of Gods and Men: Since time immemorial humans have worshiped the Gods they know as Fhrey, truly a race apart, invincible in battle, masters of magic, and seemingly immortal. When a God falls to a human blade, the balance of power changes between humans and those they thought as Gods changes forever. For a few people, this means standing between mankind and annihilation.

What a premise for a epic fantasy novel and the beginning of a new series! This is easily one of the best novel I have read this year, Michael has a nice easy to read style that makes him very accessible as an author to new readers and veterans alike. The story is very well crafted as well, it flows and develops very nicely and when you read it you can tell that it is the beginning of a epic story. The characters of which there are quite a few, but not enough for the story to be complicated, are well drawn and believable characters (they are not all human!) who you will come to love and cherish(those who are the good guys) as you can with all of Sullivan's characters (not all of them of course).

I have enjoyed all of Michael's works and this is no exception, this is well constructed novel recounting a history that is over three thousand years old and telling us the truth from the Riyria Revelations and Chronicles. A feat like this has only been achieved (really well) by a few authors they being Brandon Sanderson and J R R Tolkien himself! To create an entire world in one series, complete with a patchy understanding of the past, and then construct the world as it was three thousand years ago! This is a feat of the imagination only the greatest writers in fantasy have done or doing (please see above).

The only problem I have is that I have to wait until next year until the next book in the series Age Of Swords comes out, but the knowledge that the series is written is comforting.

If you have not read Age of Myth or The Riyria Revelations and Chronicles what are you waiting for.....get a copy now and read these spellbinding fantasy adventures.

If you have read Age of Myth or any or Michael's novels then please comment below and we can discuss this wonderful author.

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