A review of Dragon Hunters by Marc Turner - Epic Fantasy at its best!

I will start with an apology, this is long overdue review that I have been dying to write for a while. So Dragon Hunters by Marc Turner, book two of the Chronicles of the Exile which is one of my favourite fantasy series being written at the moment. To start of with, I though this book was incredible, book 1 in the series When the Heavens Fall was fantastic and I has high expectations for this next book.

Dragon hunters is set in the same world as When the Heavens Fall but in a different part of the world, readers of WTHF will notice a couple of parallels running through it and hopefully realise as I did that this story is becoming epic. The story follows an annual event i n the lands of the exile, that of the raising of the Dragon Gate, this allows a sea dragon to pass in to the Sabian Sea where it will hunted by a powerful of Mages, the Storm lords. The leader of the Storm Lords Emira Imerle Poliva is coming to the end of her tenure, and she has no intention of standing graciously. Instructing an order of priests to sabotage the gate, chaos will no doubt be ensured, there are however other interested and acting parties and therefore it becomes...interesting shall we say.

As you all know I like to keep my reviews spoiler free, this is epic fantasy at it's best in my opinion. The novel actually builds up like a thriller, the great event known as Dragon Day is heralded throughout the book as a wondrous day and event and the action and intrigue that follow explode on to the page in such a way, I wandered if I was still reading a fantasy novel! This benefits the book and the story and is arguably one of the most rewarding fantasy reads of 2016 and one of the best.

The story also benefits from including one of the sexiest and scary characters that I have ever read about; Mazana Creed, a storm lady, I would not want to meet her for long! My advice is to buy and read Dragon Hunters, the writing is brilliant, the story is fast paced and exiting, it populated by some fascinating black and white characters, and the epic story of the lands of the Exile continues.

P.S As you might have guessed, the book has Dragons in it and they are seriously cool!

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