A slice of fantastic - A review of Danse Macabre by Laura M Hughes

Well hello everyone! I hope that all is well and that everyone has been having a awesome weekend!

Today on the GrimDark Files I will be reviewing Danse Macabre by Laura M Hughes, this is a novelette that echoes the great horror masters such as H P Lovecraft and M R James. For those of you that don't know Laura, she is a writer, contributor to Fantasy Faction and Tor.com (her post on characters in The Malazan Book of the Fallen is superb).

So on to Danse Macabre, I am going to come right out and say it, this is a fantastic, brilliant and wonderful novelette. This is not my usual cup of tea, this is a horror story, all about memories becoming very dangerous and a little girls visit to a graveyard every night...if you read this friends you are in for a shock or two!

The writing is sublime as well, Laura moves the reader effortlessly from scene to scene and the description in this is beautiful as well. Scenes are described so perfectly that it allows the reader to experience this tale to it's fullest and most enjoyable, there are some tense and frightening scenes within this novelette..you have been warned.

This is has been of my best reads of 2017 so far, it is a novelette that tells a short but powerful tale of a young girl and how memories can become very dangerous. It is a horror story and not my usual cup of tea but I really enjoyed it and if I can implore you dear reader to read this then prepare yourselves.

If you have read this then please leave me comment so that we discuss this most wonderful novelette.

Happy reading.

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