A small update- Current Reading: The Copper Promise by Jen Williams

Good evening all! Just a quick update from me, I am taking a break from The Wars of Light and Shadow series (although this remains my main reading, Book 4 Fugative Prince is on the way!) I am currently reading The Copper Promise by Jen Williams, I am finding this to be as entertaining as advertised and really well written. The world building is top notch and the characters are awesome! I love Sir Sebastian, an honourable man with a troubled past, needless to say I am looking forward to rest of The Copper Cat Trilogy. Just a brief update as said, as usual that is what I am reading, what are you reading?

P.S Janny Wurts has announced the publication date of her next novel! On September 7 2017, Volume 10 of The Wars of Light and Shadow: Destiny's Conflict will arrive! A date with destiny is near!

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