An Interview with Mark Lawrence - A truly awesome chap!

Hello all! Well here we are again, I have a bit of a treat for you this time. I count myself extraordinarily lucky to have caught a few minutes of none other than Mark Lawrence's time recently. Mark shares his thoughts on his writing, his characters, inpsirations, whiskey and ale preferences and of course hints about his next book series: The Book of the Ancestor (que excited minions celebrating!)

For thos of you that don't know, Mark is the author of "The Broken Empire" trilogy and the recently completed "The Red Queen's War".

So without further adue here is the interview:

1: Are you a whiskey or ale man?

Definitely ale. I like drinking. Whiskey is more about sipping. I can gulp whiskey but then of course I'd be insensible in the space of ten minutes and the drinking would stop!

I like the taste of whiskey but it vanishes too fast.

2: The broken empire is an incredible fantasy world! What was your inspiration?

I do a bit of a double-take each time I see this question, because to my thinking the Broken Empire is a fairly standard fantasy world with two twists which I doubt are unique.

[spoiler tags]

1./ it's a very post apocalypse world. (Terry Brooks did this in the 70s).

2./ It's clearly Europe with a rise in sea level (100m to be precise).

[end spoiler]

Both these things allow for some fun, as does the magic, but for me it's always been about Jorg and his character.

I have no clear inspiration for the world - the ideas just came to me as I typed, doubtlessly filtered through decades of reading, watching etc.

The inspiration for Jorg's character was Alex DeLarge from Anthony Burgess's famous novel A Clockwork Orange (1962).

3: Jorg and Jalan are two very different characters inhabiting the same world what was your inspiration for them?

See above for Jorg. Jalan was inspired by Flashman from George McDonald Fraser's eponymous novels (begun in the 60s). And Flashman was taken in turn from Thomas Hughes's novel of 1857, Tom Brown's School Days.

4: How proud are you to have published six novels? With more on the way!

Pride is something I try to avoid. It helps to remember how much luck is involved in the process. Many fine writers never get a book deal. Many fine books fail to sell in sufficient numbers to allow a follow-up. M own work has flourished in some countries (Brazil for example) and flopped in others (Spain).

5: and lastly: Can you provide any more hints about your forthcoming novel?

Red Sister begins a trilogy (also called Red Sister) and is set in a different world to the Broken Empire. It's not written in first person and centres on a female character. That's all I have to say about it. The prologue can be found online.

So there we have it people, if you have nt read anything by Mark than I suggest that you do right now...what are you waiting for...

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