"As his deeds would endure, beyond the frail bounds of mortality" A review of "To Ride Hell's Chasm" by Janny Wurts

Welcome to my new review! I would like to apologise with how long it has been, many things have been going on for me! There are so many books in the fantasy genre, it can be hard to decide what to read next, this was my problem when I was presented with this book.

I had been aware of Janny's writing for sometime and had heard very good things about "To Ride Hell's Chasm", if you have not read this why haven't you? Here is a brief primer for the book

When Princess Anja fails to appear at her betrothal banquet, the tiny, peaceful kingdom of Sessalie is plunged into intrigue.

When Princess Anja fails to appear at her betrothal banquet, the tiny, peaceful kingdom of Sessalie is plunged into intrigue. Two warriors are charged with recovering the distraught king's beloved daughter. Taskin, Commander of the Royal Guard, whose icy competence and impressive life-term as the Crown's right-hand man command the kingdom's deep-seated respect; and Mykkael, the rough-hewn newcomer who has won the post of Captain of the Garrison – a scarred veteran with a deadly record of field warfare, whose 'interesting' background and foreign breeding are held in contempt by court society.

As the princess's trail vanishes outside the citadel's gates, anxiety and tension escalate. Mykkael's investigations lead him to a radical explanation for the mystery, but he finds himself under suspicion from the court factions. Will Commander Taskin's famous fair-mindedness be enough to unravel the truth behind the garrison captain's dramatic theory: that the resourceful, high-spirited princess was not taken by force, but fled the palace to escape a demonic evil?

First of, a lot happens in this book, at 682 pages this is a epic standalone fantasy. A theme the book deals with so well is that of mistrust, the main character Mykkael, is not from the kingdom of Sessalie. This is a problem that develops as the book progresses, this is coupled with the wonderful writing that shows the city descending in to mass panic as the Princess is not recovered. One of the best parts of Janny's writing is her characterisation, every character in this book has a part to play, for good or evil, and is incredibly well defined, my favourite was Mykkael, his back story is detailed, epic and really quite scary in places.

The novel takes place over a number of days, you really do feel like you are a bystander or a guard, Janny's writing draws you in and keeps you in the story. This has been one of the best books I have read in 2017, it is epic, brilliantly written and a deeply satisfying fantasy novel. One thing extra is the title, it only becomes apparent about 3/4 of the way through the book, when you have finished the book you will see it's meaning. 10/10 easily from me! Janny Wurts is fast becoming one of my favourite authors!

If you have read this book or any of Janny's work, let me know in the comments, I would love to discuss her work more!

As always Happy Reading.

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