Author spotlight- G R Matthews

Well here we go the first in my author spotlight series! This is series where i will feature a fantasy author that is causing the fantasy community to sing, or it may be a well established one! It will be random unless someone would like to suggest someone.....

Anyway may i present the wonderful G R Matthews, author of Silent City and the marvellous "The Forbidden List" trilogy! I came across G R while browsing the Fantasy faction Facebook group, i am pretty certain he was promoting his new book "The Stone Road" (WHICH BY THE WAY IS AWSOME!).

I am in the middle of reading "The Blue Mountain" book 2 of the forbidden list and already i am lost in G R's magical mix of martial arts, sorcery, intrigue, romance and politics. This is fantastic series mainly because it is so refreshing to be out of the typical fantasy setting of western medieval archetype (not that i don't enjoy that)....

Anyway G R is an author that i will be following very closely from now on, his writing is fantastic, a nice easy to get in to formula that slowly makes you realise you have been reading to the small hours and work is soon.... (not a true story).

The story's he weaves are fantastic (who wouldn't want a spirit animal?!) and paint a picture of our ancient civilisation not entirely unlike our own.

There you have it.. a spotlight on G R Matthews, a fantasy author to watch out for with novels to savour so far!

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