Beyond Redemption by Michael R Fletcher

Well this is a review I have been wanting to write for a while! Firstly how is everyone? I write this and the weather outside is typical of Spring, its damp, raining and overcast, I have the Star Wars :The Force Awakens soundtrack on so I am happy!

On to "Beyond Redemption" by Michael R Fletcher, which I firmly believe is one the most unsettling and original fantasy novels written in the last 5 years! This is a story that takes no prisoners, the world is full of the Geistrekranken - the insane. Men and Women whose delusions manifest and shape the world and the landscape.

The story follows that of several characters, who are helping to shape the world in one way or another, one of the interesting parts is that one such group is led (sort of) by the only sane man left in the word. The story centers around a very human story of trying to create a God, the only problem is that many factions have designs on the boy, including one's own doppelgangers (frightening) .

This is very well written book, Michael writes with flair and keeps the action tense and exciting and the characters musing about the world interesting and at times funny, sarcastic and downright insane. This book easily gets a 10/10 from me and ranks as one of the best books i have read this year so far.

I would highly recommend this book to you, original, unsettling and will leave you thinking about it long after you close the last page. This is an author to watch and see what he produces next.

If you have read and liked the book, leave a comment a below, the conversation can flow about the wonders of the Geistrekranken.

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