Classic Adventure and meeting old friends

Anyone that i know will tell you that i love fantasy literature. The richness and wonderfulness of created and imagined worlds is still truly something to be witnessed through the written word. The works of Michael J Sullivan are some of the standout fantasy works being published at the moment, his Riyria Revelations and Riyria Chronicles are amongst the best fantasy works to be published recently and here i am going to explain why.

Michael's most recently published work is his third book in the Riyria Chronicles series The Death of Dulgath, the book is more cheerful that the title suggests trust me. What I will point out that this book can be read perfectly easily as a standalone novel, the narrative does not rely on previous knowledge of the book before which is so common in fantasy, the Riyria Chronicles is a step in a different direction i believe here. The novel begins with Royce and Hadrian attempting to rob a wealthy nobel lady of a diary, it has been three years since they were paired together to form Riyria. The team are delivered their most obscure assignment in the form of protecting the last scion of the ancient house of Duluth, the Lady Duluth. This will be the first time that the team have been hired protect someone and then there is the small matter of the new employer, the Nyphron Church.

This is a wonderful return to a classic fantasy setting that is truly a joy to read. Michael's easy to read writing style is ever present and makes a return to Riyria even more enjoyable. The twists and turns are unexpected and flow naturally with the story as well as making you go OMG!! i didn't expect that. As mentioned the story is the third book in the Riyria Chronicles series, it is preceded by the Crown Tower and The Rose and Thorn. Due to Michael's attempts at making the Chronicles spoiler free for the Riyria Revelations series, he has succeeded in making each book in the chronicles an easy to read standalone novel while remaining spoiler free. This again allows the books to be simply wonderful easy to read classic fantasy novels, the firm partnership and friendship is growing but the sword fights and hair raising escapes and antics are ever present which make the Riyria books such a joy to read in the first place.

My advise is to treat yourself to Michael J Sullivan's works as soon as you can. You can start with either the Riyria Revelations or the Riyria Chronicles but my personal suggestion is to start with the Riyria Revelations and make your way from there. I hope that all is well and that you are enjoying a nice Christmas holiday and enjoying the break.

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