Confession time and re reading

Hello to all

I hope that everyone is having a good week so far. My first question is what is everyone reading?

I have a confession to make in this post...I have stopped reading Snakewood by Adrian Selby. I was enjoying the novel, I just wasn't engaging with it and thus was not enjoying it. This as a avid fantasy literature reader makes me rather sad but it does have it's upsides! It has allowed me to start the re read that i have been planning for a while, that being The Faithful and The Fallen by John Gwynne.

This is a series that I have been really looking forward to getting my teeth in to again as it hits all the right notes with me, heroic epic fantasy, signs, giants and a great coming of age story! This has been a series that has made the fantasy community sing so I shall be singing along with them as loudly as possible!

A quick update for you there and hope that you are enjoying what your reading!

Up next: Weekend update