Epic fantasy on a small scale - On Brandon Sanderson's "Shadows of Self"

For those of you that do not know me let me say this, Brandon Sanderson is my favourite author writing at the moment. I first came across his work when a copy of The Final Empire the first book in the Mistborn trilogy was released and from then on I was hooked and a real fan of his work. Brandon works on a variety of projects all the time, his crowing glory i believe will be the Stormlight Archive, a ten book epic fantasy saga that could be the defining fantasy work of our times.

His most recently published work is called "Shadows Of Self: A Mistborn Novel" a continuation of the mistborn saga that was begun with "Allow of Law". Brandon described this arc of novels as a "fun adventure" to help balance his deep epic novels and this is a sentiment that i quite agree with, "Alloy of Law" and "Shadows of Self" are fun, adventure filled novels that are a real pleasure to read.

Where to begin?? Well "Shadows of Self" is a continuation of the Mistborn saga, set about 300 years after the fist trilogy in a Victorian style era of Elendel and Scadriel with a rather nice hint of steampunk (that rather appeals to this reviewer). "Shadows of Self" is a excellent continuation from Allow of Law,continuing the story of Wax, Wayne and Marasi and the mysterious Set. The prologue takes us to a important meeting for Wax when he was a lawmen in the roughs and continues in the Steampunk era Elendel that Wax arrives to in the first novel. The action follows Wax, Wayne and Marasi hunting a rouge Kandra who appears to be randomly killing citizens until its motives become clearer and the future of the city becomes threatened.

Being a 376 page novel, a lot happens and it is not for the faint hearted. Brandon brilliant reveals more of Wax's back story and how events are intertwining with the present day, a few hints are given about the larger and bigger picture concerning gods, powers etc and Wax's villainous Uncle from Alloy of Law puts in an appearance as well. The novel really reminds of one of those excellent action films that you really must watch until the end just to satisfy your curiosity although Brandon's writing prowess make it really compulsive reading.

If you are a fan of Brandon Sanderson's then i recommend you buy this book as there is never a boring moment in it, it is a fantasy full of delicious adventure, of friends old and new and a mystery to really lose your self in. No other fantasy novel has come close to what he has achieved here which is epic fantasy in 376 pages, if you are looking for a deep fantasy then look somewhere else. If you are looking for a fun, action packed surprising short fantasy novel that manages to pack epic in, then look no further.

Shadows of Self follows on from Alloy of Law and will be followed by the Bands of Mourning, these are truly excellent novels to get lost in.

I simply invite you to try them and dare you not to like them.

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