Growing pains - The TBR is expanding-Joys of finding new literature

This is a quick post for all my friends, colleagues, associates i could go on........who read fantasy novels and for those who just read as well.

I am coming to the point where my TBR (To Be Read) to the uninitiated is very large and becoming a bit unmanageable but i am making progress and am pleased with my progress through it. This is also in line of the fact i will more than likely re read The Stormlight Archive this year, (that's four books in paperback insert insane face here) as well The Lord of the Rings, this is something i re read every year.

The main thing about my TBR list is about the joys of finding something new and exciting to read and that is happening as we speak (well read). I am currently reading "Knight's Shadow" by Sebastian De Castell after throughly enjoying Traitor's Blade, "The Greatcoats" is a series that has been on my list for a while so it's been great to finally read it. I have some exciting new books arriving which i am thoroughly looking forward to.....these are "Six of Crows" by Leigh Bardugo, "Black Cross" by J.P Ashman (really looking forward to this one) and "Truthwitch" by Susan Denard (again looking forward to that one as well).

I have also been introduced to the wonderful G.R Matthews who is writing "The Forbidden List" series, this is waiting for me on my kindle and i am looking forward to reading this as well. As you can see growing pains, i will soon boast one of the finest collections of fantasy literature and one of the largest TBR lists as well.

Farewell for now my friends

Up next: A Journey - Reading Traitors Blade by Sebastian De Castell