Dragon Hunting - Interview with Marc Turner

Good evening! Hope that everyone has had a good Monday, I have an extra special treat for you on the blog today!

Welcome back to my author spotlight series, this is volume four of my series where I showcase an author that is making the fantasy community sing and shudder! If you follow my blog then you will have seen that I have been shouting to whoever will listen to read the epic works of Marc Turner, author of the epic Chronicles of the Exile series. This is a book series that consist of "When the Heavens Fall" and Dragon Hunters" so far, this is epic fantasy for the next generation and is a series that you should not miss.

I have been very lucky to get some time with Marc and interview him, so for your reading pleasure, I present my interview with Marc Turner.

Firstly Marc, many thanks for agreeing to take part in a Q and A with me! This is a part of my author spotlight series, a series where I feature authors shaking up the fantasy genre!

Thanks for inviting me. It’s great to be here.

So we begin! Firstly May I ask are you a whiskey or ale man? Can you also shed some light on the theory of relativity?

Between whiskey and ale, it would have to be ale. And since you’re offering, mine’s a cold one, thanks.

As to the theory of relativity, I actually did some research on that when I was planning When the Heavens Fall! I had in mind some sort of fantasy/scifi mashup where (amongst other things) a reversed arrow of time would be used to resolve the final conflict in the series. I can’t remember why I rejected the idea. Something to do with common sense, perhaps.

Second, the lands of the exile is an incredible fantasy world that is as believable as Middle Earth, did you have any particular inspiration for this world?

Thanks. If there was an inspiration for the Lands of the Exile, it was in those maps that have “Here Be Dragons” or something similar written on them to convey an area that is unexplored or dangerous. I wanted my entire world to be like that. I also wanted it to be a world that readers were excited to explore, so for each book in the series I’ll be taking them somewhere different, from haunted forests, to titan fortresses, to pirate-infested island nations. If my characters step off the beaten highway in my world, they never know what they’ll find. Sometimes I don’t even know myself, but I always have fun finding out – usually at my characters’ expense.

Third, I hear that you are a reader of epic fantasy. What is your favourite epic fantasy series and why? Mine is The lord of the Rings closely followed by A Song of Ice and Fire, Mark Lawrence’s epic work is next followed by... your Chronicles of the Exile. Why? Because they are most vividly described worlds

Wow, fourth in that list puts me in impressive company! My favourite epic fantasy series would have to be the Malazan Book of the Fallen. I’m a big admirer of the way Steven Erikson weaves multiple story-threads together in each book, before bringing his characters together for a climactic finale. I also love the scale of his worldbuilding. The Malazan books are just crammed with ideas that I wish I’d had myself.

Fourth, What is it about the Fantasy genre that attracted you to write your own series with is vastly populated genre?

I write epic fantasy because epic fantasy is what I read out of choice – or rather, it is what I have chosen to read in the past. These days, my reading tastes are branching out, so maybe one day I will try writing something different, whether it be historical fiction, or sci fi, or something else. I have ideas for a couple of sci fi thrillers that I would like to write some day.

Fifth, your series has attracted a lot of attention and some likening it to Steven Erikson's work, I disagree and think it is more in vain of Tolkien and his world building! What can we expect from the rest of the Chronicles of the Exile? P.S I am looking forward to Red Tide when it is published…..any chance of a cheeky ARC copy..I can provide an honest spoiler free review.

There’s not too much I can say about the rest of the series without giving away spoilers. One reviewer said the ending of When the Heavens Fall was like a huge jigsaw puzzle being solved, but in reality that book was just one corner of a much larger puzzle, the pieces of which will be filled in over the course of the following books. As for Red Tide specifically, you can look forward to seeing more sea dragons, a man who can make his dreams manifest in the waking world, and a woman who one of my beta readers refers to as a female Jorg Ancrath.

I will see what I can do about an ARC, though unfortunately I (all authors?) get very few ARCs for my personal use.

Sixth, your current book “Dragon Hunters” (which I have not read yet but it is high on my TBR list), is receiving high praise. What is about the subject matter, Dragons, that inspired you to include them in this epic saga? P.S I love the idea of a Dragon Day!

When I read your mention of Dragon Day then, it made me think of a day for sending gifts and dragon-themed greeting cards. Say it with flowers for the dragon in your life. I’m not sure that kind of day would have been quite as dramatic as the one in my book, though.

I think what inspires me about dragons is that elusive blend of danger and wonder that makes one both admire and fear them. I know many people consider dragons to be a cliché, so I wanted to do something a little different with the creatures in Dragon Hunters. In my book the dragons are of the sea-monster variety, rather than the winged and fire-breathing kind. They are also not the alpha predators – instead, on Dragon Day, they are hunted for sport by a fellowship of powerful water-mages. In Dragon Hunters, the hunt provides an opportunity for a number of competing forces to advance their agendas, but it’s quite possible the dragons have an agenda of their own. Something that involves an extended lunch, for example.

That’s all from me, Marc you are one of my favorite authors writing at the moment and please continue your awesome Chronicles of the Exile, Epic Grimdark fantasy for the 21st Century!!

So there you are, an interview with a new star of the fantasy genre. Marc's writing and the land of the Exile are something you must simply not miss, do not ask questions just go and read it. Please feel free to leave a comment if you are reading anything by Marc and we can discuss it further on the blog.

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