Mid - Week Progress

So how is everyone's reading going? I hope that everyone is getting through January with a good fantasy book! I have been really enjoying "The Greatcoats" by Sebastian De Castell and am now really enjoying the second book in the series which is called "Knight's Shadow".

As equals go this is an excellent one and i am throughly enjoying the continuation of this swashbuckling tail of Falcio, Brasti and Kestell and their threads wishing threads story. Sebastian De Castell is an author to watch and i am really looking forward to reading the rest of this series.

My TBR pile is growing by the day and soon i will be overwhelmed but i am very hopeful of my 25 book read challenge on goodreads. This is a quick post but i have some exciting things planned for this blog - next up i will be doing my top ten fantasy books of 2015 with some notable other books that i read. I am also planning a top 10 fantasy books (in my humble opinion) which one comes first will depend on which ever list i can think about the best first really.

With that i will bid you good night and adieu and may i wish you happy reading on this chilly Tuesday evening.

Up next: Growing pains - The TBR is expanding-Joys of finding new literature