My hectic reading schedule + late buses and life

Well, where to begin...this blog post is very late after a couple of posts on twitter saying that a new post was iminient and here it is.

One of the objects that has been donating my life recently has been my reading schedule, which has been hectic and chaotic at times. My chief reading material is fantasy novels, ranging from Grimdark, to high fantasy and peanut butter fantasy. It has been a wild ride this year and i do bit see it stop. I am about to take part in a annual readathon of "The Dark is Rising" sequence by Susan Cooper, since discovering this in November via the marvellous Fantasy Faction i have been desperate to re read this series and as a added plus get to enjoy this with like minded others (HUZZAH!)

Still on the reading i have just finished The Death of Duluth by Michael J Sullivan, the third book in the Riyria Chronicles, this is part of a classic series of fantasy novels that easily ranks amongst my favourites and of which i am a proud kickstarter backer of. I have also finally completed a read of the Blackguards Anthology (again a Kickstarter project) and i can happily recommend this to anyone who enjoys stories of thieves, assassins and rouges.

I am planning a epic re read of The Stormlight Archive soon in preparation for the third book in this series "Oathbringer" (do not quite me on that title! It could change!) as well as the other books that Brandon Sanderson is bringing out next year, that man truly is a machine.

My reading schedule as you can see is hectic and is disrupted by late buses ( i am a commuter) or them not showing up at all which promotes all sorts of interesting language that you should cover your ears if you hear (I try very hard not to swear). Life goes on as it always has as well, work is...exciting should we say...and yet i feel underpaid....

Until the next one ta mutchly

You can find my review of Blackguards and Michael J Sullivan's work in a earlier post if you are interested.

I am doing a blog on the "The Dark is Rising" readathon via another site on, find them on twitter as @tdirreadathon with #THdirReadathon or on Facebook as well, its going to be amazing.

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