New reading - What does everyone think?

Good evening all, how is everyone? Hope that you weekend is going really well. My weekend started of with a real treat as Star Wars: The Force Awakens arrived early! Guess what I was up on Friday night!

So this morning I finished Valor by John Gwynne, the reread has shown me one thing about this series and that it is fantastic and epic in every way. The author J P Ashman is seriously enjoying it as well if you follow. J P is the author of Black Cross and Black Martlett, the first book and short story in "The Tales of the Black Powder Wars", "Black Cross" is one the finest novels I have read this year, I will be rereading it soon.

Anyway my new reading is Beyond Redemption by Michael R Fletcher. This has been described as on of the darkest fantasy novels ever written, and I am really excited about reading it and getting stuck in! Hang on a second what happened to your reread? Well it is on pause at the moment, I decided that I needed a break from the epic fantasy.

That is a interesting talking point as well, breaks in reading epic fantasy. Is this something that you do if you are reading a long fantasy series? I think it can be really beneficial as if you are like me.....then reading a series like that can be wearing...that doesn't mean I am not enjoying it, this is one of my favorite epic fantasy series and I am really looking forward to reading Ruin.

Let me know in the comments about your reading habits, as well as what you are reading as well.

Lastly what so you think of my blog and the upgrades to it? Do you like it? Let me know as well and any suggestions that you have as well.

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