On Goats and Swords - A review of The Malice by Peter Newman

The Fantasy genre is diverse, there are some fantastic epic novels, diverse and interesting novels, great standalone novels and stuff I would rather not read. When I first came across Peter Newman, I knew we were in for something special. His fist novel The Vagrant has gone down as one the best books I have ever read and I was jumping for joy when a new book was announced in the same universe.

The Malice is hands down a brilliant and well written fantasy novel, Peter Newman's compelling writing style is also what makes the series so compelling and awesome. Written in the second person which I will admit might make it difficult for some coming in to this series (I will admit it was a challenge), this is what makes the world and story Newman writes about so compelling.

The Malice continues the story established in The Vagrant, the breech that has remained quiet after the events told in that story stirs and a new evil is rising. The Malice (a awesome and scary sword) stirs but it's owner has a life that he cannot ignore so another answers the call, her name is Vesper. Be prepared for a awesome story that is relentless and exciting and tense, make no mistakes this is a story of the end the world with mankind struggling to survive.

The world that Peter Newman has created is compelling, dangerous and exiting, humanity is on the back foot, but there is hope, it is fleeting but it is there. I personally love novels that deal with this scenario, the humanity shown by characters and the hopes and fears are on full display and it truly makes for some excellent story making and telling. The Malice is a novel that I highly recommend, and if you have not read anything by Peter Newman then what the hell are you waiting for??!!

I always try to keep my reviews spoiler free as I wouldn't want my reading of any fantasy novel spoiled. If you have read and enjoyed any work by Peter Newman please comment and the discussion about this wonderful author can continue.

P.S my copy of the Malice is extra special, a signed first edition copy organised by the good folks at Goldsborough Books, a great indie book store,

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