On opinions

So, an article published in The Guardian is casing a ruckus within the fantasy literature community, indeed even the reading community. The article focuses on Pratchett's mediocre nature of being a writer, and his being a ordinary potboiler of author is not worth spending your time on.

I have many problems with this article, for one the author cites an example of flicking through one Pratchett's books in a store and basing his opinion on that "The prose seemed ordinary" and "Actual literature may be harder to get to grips with than a Discworld novel, but it is more worth the effort." This is nothing short of an attempt to discredit an entire genre i.e Fantasy as that is where Terry Pratchett sits with the vast majority of his writings.

The author then says this "I don’t mean to pick on this particular author, except that the huge fuss attending and following his death this year is part of a very disturbing cultural phenomenon" Which phenomenon is this then? The one that celebrates the life and achievements of a great man, we are talking about a Knight of the realm here you know, then the author fires one more shot at the late Mr Pratchett.

The author makes a peculiar comment right at the very end which i will let you decipher for your self "But Terry Pratchett? Get real. It’s time we stopped this pretence that mediocrity is equal to genius." I have to ask myself what kind of world we live in that can produce people who can make a comment like this. This is opinion of Terry Pratchett is founded on flicking through a book and would much rather read Gabriele Garcia Marquez who's novels enrich and change people's lives. I will tell you one thing the only thing i learned from 100 Years of Solitude is to not accept gifts from gypsies.

Terry Pratchett is a wonderful writer, yes he is funny and satirical, but he is also poignant, wise and clever. He reminds us how wonderful it is to be human which in the grand scheme of things, is remarkable for an author to be able to do so.

Here is the link to the article in question, my reading for this was this article and most of the Discworld books.


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