On something quite un-expected - Rough Magick by Kenny Soward

What i love most about fantasy literature is the discovery of something new, something refreshing. This has been exemplified by my reading of Rough Magick by Kenny Soward, a novel that is all about.....Gnomes?!?!?

Gnomes i must admit are a underrated fantasy race perhaps due to their size? Often they are seen in the background and rarely have a chance to shine...Not so much in Rough Magick where the secretive nature and awesome magikcal abilities come out in full force, possibly with a bit of small man syndrome...

The novel opens with a battle scene in which one of the stonekin embarks on a secret mission to find the prophesied one to save his people, the gnomestress in question Nicksabella doesn't know this, but is rather busy creating problems for herself with the important people in Hightower, her brother Nickselpick finds himself swept away on encounter with some strange magick that his particular abilities come to be very useful for.

This is quite simply one of the most original fantasy novels i have ever read, hands down!

It twins a underrepresented fantasy race with some brilliant writing and some excellent character development that develops wonderfully thought the novel, while i have notices reviews criticising the length of the beginning of the novel, i feel it is necessary to allow the characters to develop and allow sympathy for their causes as well.

The rest of the Gnome saga is on my TBR list to be sure after this read, an excellent first novel with good characters, a interesting plot and a great magick system twinned with great writing make for an easy 10/10 from me!

I simply loved it, treat yourself is my advice.

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