On the subject of a Western Fantasy - Reflections on the Scarlett Star Trilogy so far...

I was pondering some time ago about my TBR list (To be read to the uninitiated) when i noticed the neatly ordered copies of a certain English author by the name of Ben Galley. I was then wandering exactly how i had come across Ben as an author and the answer was Waterstones and a birthday present. I remember devouring his Emeneska series and relishing in the gritty dark fantasy novels that he put forth.

When that series came to an end i was incredibly eager to see what Ben came out with next and when he announced Bloodrush, a Western Fantasy, alternative history novel i was incredibly eager to read his new venture and was so curious that i backed him on Pubslush.com which he used to generate funds and interest in his novel.

The novel follows the story of one Tonmerion Hark, the son of the Prime Lord Hark who has recently been murdered. The last will of the Prime Lord forces the young Hark across the Iron Ocean to kingdom of America across the endless land to the end of the world...they call it Wyoming. Marion is accompanied by a strange companion, a twelve inch faerie called Rhin, an outcast of his own kind. This sets the stage for Merion's discovery of Magick (with a k), of the significance of his bloodline and the secrets that lurk there. The series so far consist of two novels : Bloodrush and Bloodmoon.

I have been lucky enough to get a quote from Ben himself on the Scarlett Trilogy so far, its creation process and his fascination of the western fantasy genre

“I’m immensely pleased with the Scarlet Star Trilogy, especially with how it’s been received. It was a completely different tack for me after the Emaneska Series, and it’s been great fun delving into both western fantasy as well as alternate history. Tough, thanks to the research and my obsession with multiple storyline, but fun indeed. Western fantasy is such a fascinating genre for me, and I’m looking forward to doing a range of short stories after the series."

The alternative history as well as the awesome magic system that dominates the novels are what make this series such a standout for myself, Ben 's writing is also something to behold and appreciate. The depth of his writing, world building skills, as well as the easy jumps between the multiple points of view are very well handled and allow the reader to appreciate the characters and their points of view.

Ben has recently abounded book three of the trilogy which has a title of Bloodfeud, following on closely from Bloodmoon which has one of the most dramatic ending's of any book i have read and is setting the scene for a final reckoning here are some thoughts from Ben on Bloodfeud

"Book 3 – Bloodfeud – has been the toughest of them yet due to the need for tying them altogether, and because of a different setting, but Merion has been doing a lot of the work for me. I always like to let my characters’ moods and needs drive the narrative forward as much as possible, and he’s doing so with a will. Bloodfeud will be out in February of 2016 in both eBook and paperback. If you haven’t yet read the series, you can get a free copy of Bloodrush – Book 1 – at www.bengalley.com”

I am really looking forward to Bloodfeud and the finale that is coming in a surpassing and wonderful series that you if you have not read then shame on you and follow Ben's advise and get yourself a free copy of Bloodrush from is website.

Ben is a author that i strongly advise that you follow as his writing, creations and boundless enthusiasm for fantasy literature as well as self publishing is infectious.

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