On Vengeance: A review of Child of the Daystar by Bryce O'Connor

Anyone who knows me that I love fantasy fiction in all shapes and forms. I have to say that i am becoming more attuned to the gritty, dark path that fantasy is taking and revel in the offerings that authors are putting out. I came across Child of the Daystar by Bryce O'Connor when i was on Kickstarter, after checking out the story i backed him without question and having received my e-book copy it has been devoured.

The story focuses on the story of Raz I'Syul Arro, a towering Aetherian Lizard, this being one of the factors that drew me to the story as the main character is a creature often hunted in fantasy novels not the main protagonist. Raz is the monster of Karth, a name he has earned by being a sell-sword of utmost caliber, although he has never forgotten how he has earned his name and has the book says...some debts cannot be paid in gold.

I always keep my reviews spoiler free so that is all i will say about the story as this is a truly a great story to get lost in. Bryce O'Connor really has produced a stunning book to read, his writing style is a nice easy to read one and descriptive so that you can really imagine sitting in the desert sand or in the crowded market places that his characters inhabit. One thing that Bryce does very well is tension building, this is a tricky device to pull off in third person novels and it is handled marvellously well and allows for some of the most action scenes in a fantasy i have ever read to be unleashed near perfectly.

All in all this is one the most originally fantasy novels i have read in a while and i will be keenly looking out for the next books in the series called The Wings of War. Treat yourself to Child of the Daystar you will not be disappointed.

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