One of the most perfect fantasy novels ever! A review of The Dragons Blade: The Reborn King by Michael R Miller

Hello all! How is everyone? Welcome to my review of The Dragons Blade: The Reborn King by Michael R Miller, arguably one the most perfectly executed fantasy novels that I have read recently.

Why do I think this? Well read on....The Reborn King tells the story of Darnuir, the Prince of Dragons, who when we first meet him is not the nicest character ever, you may wander why the Dragons are all human shaped as well...This is due to a great transformation that took place (more on that later). The world they inhabit, Tenalp, is under siege from a demon army, the good guys (Human, Dragon and Fairy are not doing to well in this war). In a act of supreme heroism Darnuir is is left mortally wounded, he is saved through a dangerous rebirthing spell and left as a baby in human hands. The stage is set for one of the best fantasy stories ever told (in my opinion).

One of the major aspects of this book I must congratulate Michael on is the real lack of a info dump. This is a ever present factor in many (but not all) fantasy novels and in The Reborn King, Michael weaves an excellent story without dumping a back story on the reader, thank you!!!! This enables the story to focus on Darnuir and several other characters on what they are doing, this makes the story all the better and very compelling as well. This is a character driven story, the plot is sometimes, I personally found this very enjoyable and it enhanced my understanding of the world of Tenalp.

This is a novel I will very happily give 10/10 too, it has everything, a compelling plot, well thought out characters, an intriguing world, and when we get to it a mysterious back story. This makes the story all the more compelling and the fact this is part of planned series makes me all the more excited for this series. If you have not read The Dragons Blade: The Reborn King, I would urge you to do so, if you have leave a comment below so that we can discuss this wonderful fantasy novel.

As always, happy reading.

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