The Bands of Mourning by Brandon Sanderson

Shadows of Self came out not too long ago, October, to be exact. It is the first of the second trilogy in the Mistborn world. Many, including myself thought it was The Alloy of Law, but that was more of a prelude. Shadows of Self, while having a good twist, was a bit of a let down. The plot didn’t move very quickly, the characterizations of the minor characters were dull and even the protagonists weren’t their usual selves.

This is fixed mostly by bands of mourning.

The book focuses on Wax's (obsession?) of finding his Uncle and the organisation he works for "The Set" and uncovering their goals.

A request comes to Wax from the Kandra to locate the Bands of Morning, Legendary metal minds of the Lord Ruler as well as locating a missing spike from a Kandra who has had one removed.

This is a book with a very fast moving plot, nothing stands still for very long and the reader will discover quite a lot along the way.

One of the disappointing factors of Shadows of Self were the minor characters and this is fixed with the surprise that was Steris, Wax's fiancé. The character development of Steris is one that i have followed with great interest. In this book we see her develop from a stiff like prop character, and blossom in to a wonderful supporting character adding to the group and playing her own part.

The Cosmere is expanded upon and hinted at and many questions are asked, some are answered, i am one of those with may questions but i am beginning to understand...

One of the most touching parts of the mistborn era two novels is the relationship between Wax and Wayne, this is something I have loved about the series since The Alloy of Law. We learn a bit more about them in this book and there is a rather touching scene that Brandon pulls off very well.

In all, you will enjoy this even if you liked or disliked Shadows Of Self. It is a far more fast paced exciting novel which i think will reply delight you.

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