The Forbidden List by G R Matthews - A wonderful mixture of fantasy and kung fu movies

I will begin this review with a question have you ever read a fantasy series, or a book series, that totally ensnared you and made you feel like you were living it? I have only felt like that once or twice when I read The Lord Of The Rings by J R R Tolkien and Brandon Sanderson so pardon my geekness there. I felt this feeling when I was reading The Forbidden List by G R Matthews, the ultimate mixture of Kung Fu movies and fantasy!

This is a wonderful series that gradually unfolds, there is no real info dump and as G R himself says this is how he wanted the series to happen and it works really well. The Forbidden List follows the story of two men Zou and Haung who are totally different people: Zou is a diplomat and Huang is a warrior, training in secret ways. The story throughout the trilogy is told from both of these fascinating characters perspectives and offer us very different views of the world that they inhabit.

What a world they live in!!! The world of the forbidden list is a truly awesome place to inhabit as a reader and i loved every bit of G R unfolds this alternative vision of the Ancient East and the way they live their lives. The concept in the trilogy that there is something more for you out there is a great concept that the pulls the story along and allows the characters to really develop and sometimes in surprising ways.

I always try to keep my reviews as spolier free as possible for those who have not read The Fobidden List yet although i will warn you...the end of The Red Plains had me in tears and i challenge you not to be moved....

So go on enter the world of the Forbidden List and enjoy one of the best mixes of fantasy and Kung-Fu movies ever written and see this magnificent world unfold.

I advise all who will listen to The Forbidden List.

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