The Grimdark Files Author Spotlight - Michael R Miller

Hello everyone! Welcome to a special edition of the Grimdark files! Today I am sitting down with Michael R Miller, author of The Dragons Blade: The Reborn King and The Dragons Blade: Veiled Intentions. I have recently on my blog called The Reborn King one of the most perfectly executed fantasy novels I have ever read! Michael has graciously agreed to an interview so I present my latest edition of my author spotlight series!

Welcome Michael to the Grimdark files!

Firstly I must ask are you a Ale or Lager man?

I think I’m still hungover from Uni on larger. I’ll drink either, although I haven’t levelled up enough yet to enjoy the extremely bitter and heavy drinks.

Secondly, The Reborn King is incredible what was your main inspiration for the novel?

Thank you very much! My main inspiration for the story was thinking about people who are torn between two identities and then taking that to an extreme level with the character who would become Darnuir - not merely a character with two identities clashing but literally having lived two lives.

Thirdly, is the Dragons Blade going to be a series?

The Dragon’s Blade will be a trilogy. I’ve always planned it that way. The story is tightly knit timewise, meaning it’s really one long story I’ve had to try and split. I took comfort knowing that modern writers are still doing this, George R.R. Martin for starters, but also Brian McClellan’s more recent Powder Mage Trilogy.

Fourth question! What is your favourite fantasy series/novel

Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson, because it brought me back into reading and loving the genre after I’d spent years away from it.

Fifth question! I love the approach you have taken with The Reborn King, no info dump and surprises at every turn! Can we expect the same in Veiled Intentions?

My aim with Dragon’s Blade is to make a pacey Epic Fantasy series with a punch to it. When you’re attempting that, there isn’t room for pages of info dumps. My editor’s notes on Veiled Intentions suggested that it was almost like a thriller in certain places. I cheat a little on the info dumps in Veiled Intentions with extracts at the start of most chapters but each one should add to the overall story or the chapter it is in. As for surprises, I’ve sprinkled a few in there too ;)

That is all from me! Michael thank you for taking the time to sit down with me and good luck with The Dragons Blade! I loved the first book and I am really looking forward to Veiled Intentions!

Thanks for having me Peter. I hope Veiled Intentions lives up to your expectations.

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