The GrimDark Files update!

Good evening all! How is everyone? I would like to apologise for the lack of content recently I have been busy with real life and that is that....

Anyway welcome to the GrimDark Files update! What am I reading? What are you reading? I have embarked on a epic re read of the works of Mark Lawrence, starting with The Broken Empire Trilogy and moving swiftly on to The Red Queens War. I am currently on to King Of Thorns, book 2 of The Broken Empire trilogy and one of my favorites! Mark's writing is without doubt a thing of beauty to read and if you have not read anything by him then I suggest that you do...just because the story of Honourous Jorg Ancrath is a story you should not miss out on...speaking of which....

So that's what I am reading so what are you reading? Leave a comment below and we can discuss all things fantasy!

P.S I am also taking part in a beta read and reviewing a book as well hush hush its a secret.

Happy reading, if it's a fantasy novel then good on you.

Up next: A review of Dragon Hunters by Marc Turner - Epic Fantasy at its best!