The Grimdark Files update - Reading update, Steven Poore,Steven Kelliher, R Scott Baker and Jen Williams....

Hello all! How is everyone doing? Over here in sunny England, it is once again bathing us in wonderful summer sunshine, perfect reading weather in my opinion! Welcome to the Grimdark Files update, this is what I am reading, what are you reading?

In an earlier post I was embarking on a epic re read of the works of Mark Lawrence, well I have finished The Broken Empire trilogy, a series that will always be close to my heart and then.....I paused and decided to take a step back. My TBR list has long been neglected, so I had a look and there it was! The Heir to the North by Steven Poore, a book I have long been wanting to read, this has all the hallmarks of a awesome coming of age fantasy tale and already I am engrossed in this tale. Steven is also a lot of fun on Twitter and Facebook so hook up with him there and you never know you might get a ARC edition of his next book.....

Next, I have a big shout out to make to one Steven Kelliher, a new light in the fantasy darkness. Steven is the author of The Valley of the Embers, book 1 of the Landkist Saga. I was extraordinarily lucky to be given a review copy of his book to read, and with a few words it was a fantastic read! A refreshing fantasy story, unique and dark, a full review will be coming soon, along with a author spotlight for Steven.

My TBR list is growing once again and on a epic scale! After listening to a recent podcast with R Scott Baker, I thought it was time I should read some of this awesome authors work, so The Darkness that comes before has been added and this one that I am really looking forward to. An epic fantasy that one can easily get lost in is perfect for me and here it is philosophical as well, this just adds to my interest.

Another addition to my TBR list is Jen Williams, author of the Copper Cat Trilogy. This is a series that I have long been waiting to read, book 1 is ready and it could be next for this avid reader to devour. I hear so many good things about this series, it is another epic fantasy that I am looking forward to getting lost in.

So that is what I am reading and plan to read soon, what are you reading at the moment? Leave a comment below and we can discuss the wonderful genre that is fantasy!

Happy reading folks!

Up next: A review of Age of Myth by Michael J Sullivan - Epic Fantasy the way it should be!