The GrimDark Files update - The Shadow Of What Was Lost - What I am reading, what are you reading?

Hello all! Welcome to the new weekly GrimDark Files update! I do hope that every one is well and that your 2017 is awesome so far!

I have felt that my blog has been neglected as of late 2016 and thus one of resolutions it to attend to it more, therefore the update will be a weekly event! I have also decided it will be a bit more exciting and worth more of your time so look out for some awesome posts!

My current reading is of the epic variety, I am finally reading The Shadow of What Was Lost: Book 1 of the Licanius Trilogy by James Islington. I have read some wonderful reviews of this book from James Latimer and Fantasy Faction and I have not been disappointed at all. This is one of the most wonderful fantasy worlds ever created and the world building is really quite something! I am only 147 pages in but I am totally engrossed by this novel and the world, the characters and the story that is developing!

So that it what I am reading, what are you reading? Leave a comment below and we can discuss the wonderful genre that is fantasy!

As mentioned, these updates will become more exciting! Look out for this!

Happy Reading as alway!

Up next: Want a good way to start 2017? Go and read an awesome fantasy book that's how! A review of The Path of Flames by Phil Tucker