The GrimDarkFiles update - Radio Silence, The Chronicles of the Exile.

Good evening all!

How is everyone? Sorry for the long silence I have been busy with life and a secret project (more on that later).

Welcome to the GrimDarkFiles update! I am currently reading Red Tide by Marc Turner; Book Three of The Chronicles of the Exile. This is easily one of my favorite modern fantasy series by one of my favorite authors writing today and I am already thoroughly enjoying it.

Anyway sorry for my radio silence recently, life and my secret project have been taking up most of my time and I am glad to be able to get back to my blog!

So a short piece from me..what is everyone else reading?

Happy Reading!

Be sure to leave a comment in the box below and we can discuss the wonderful genre that is fantasy!

Up next: A small update- Current Reading: The Copper Promise by Jen Williams