The midweek update, blog news and random things

Hello to all, how is everyone?

Welcome to the Grim Dark Files weekly update! This will be a little bit different as I have one or two extra thing to share with you.

First of all: My current reading. I am most of the way through Valor which is book 2 of The Faithful and The Fallen by the marvelous John Gwynne. For those not in the know, I believe The Faithful and The Fallen to be one of the best modern epic fantasy series being written at the moment (aside from a certain Archive series). We had a pretty cool discussion on Reddit about this which appears to have dies down, but all good thing comes to an end.

I am debating what to read next at the moment, there are a few things that are screaming at me at the moment...lets just say I have a lot of choice!!

Right, blog updates, there are a few to go through! You may notice the fantasy artwork that adorns the blog and all the posts? This is a new idea that I am running for the blog to make your stay a bit more....exciting! Also you will notice that I have back and forward buttons which will make navigating a bit more easier for you and.....we have comments!

I realized last night that I have no way of letting you comment or like my posts!!!! So I have found a way round this and so the conversation may now start!! If you have any specific blog that you use that let me know and I can get the right code.

I am really excited about the updates to my blog and where it is going. I hope that you can join me for the ride!

So what are you currently reading at the moment? Which fantasy novel/series are you really looking forward to reading as well?

Let me know in the comments (huzzah!)

A random thought for you to consider have you ever been on a bus and seen a person randomly change seat? For no reason whatsoever that you can fathom!

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