The time when the sequal is better than the original! A review of "The Warring Son" by Bryce O'Connor

Good evening everyone! Well it has been some time hasn't it? Sorry for the long delay life has been getting in my way (and Game Of Thrones). Today I am reviewing "The Warring Son" by Bryce O'Connor book two of "The Wings Of War" series.

If you follow my blog you may remember a post about a fantastic fantasy novel called "Child of the Daystar", this was arguably one of the most original fantasy novels I had read for some time and when I learnt it was part of a trilogy I was very excited about the promise of this.

Book 2 in the Wings of Wars series see the main character Raz i'Syul Arro growing a character and experiencing more of this intriguing fantasy world, and boy does this world unfold. If you have read Child of the Daystar you will get to enjoy more time with secondary characters as well, most notably Syrah, Talo, and Carro. The passing presence of these characters in the first book is pale for the roles they take in this book, their destinies are becoming more entwined with Raz.

Raz's character also develops really well, he is a character that believes in the greater good and this is evidenced through him solving his problems with his forked spear. He is character who believes he can change the world and influence it.

I really enjoyed this book and I hope that you will start the "Wings of War" series as well, O'Connor is building to a end game and with this series so I am eagerly awaiting the next book in what I believe to be one of the most original fantasy series ever published!

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