The top fantasy books that I read in 2016

Hello all! A very Happy New Year to you all! I do hope that everyone had a safe and enjoyable New Year!

I am kicking of 2017 on the GrimDark Files with my top books of 2016, I had been thinking about the best books that I had read and could not come to a sensible conclusion. So I have decided to do a top books of 2016 post instead...

Below you will find my list of the top books that I read in 2016 and I will stress that these are in no specific order so here we go!

Starting things off we have

Age of Myth by Michael J Sullivan

The main review of this book is on my blog but I will say that this was one of my most anticipated books of 2016 and I was not disappointed at all. This is a fantastic first book in a new series and a great way to get in to the worlds of Michael J Sullivan.

Next we have

Red Tide by Marc Turner

Again the main review is on my site but I was totally blown away by this book! The Chronicles of the Exile is one of my favourite new fantasy series and this book took the series to the next level! Pay close attention to this author as this series is one to keep a close eye on!

Next we have

Bloodfeud by Ben Galley

This was a fantastic conclusion to a marvelous alternate history fantasy series with one of the coolest magic systems on display! The main review is on my site but give this author a go if you have not already and look out for his pending release this year: The Heart of Stone.

Next we have

Black Cross by J P Ashman

What can I say? This a fantastic first novel from an author who just does not disappoint! A story of how good intentions can lead to disastrous results, the main review is again on my site (with an author interview as well). The next book Black Guild is coming get reading if you haven't read it already!

Last but by no means least we have

The Forbidden List trilogy by G R Matthews

The main review of this work is on my site but this was quite a series, the ending practically had me in tears for how much of an impact it had on me. If you have not read anything by Geoff then please do your self a favour and dive in to his fantastic works!

Well there you have it, this is not everything i read in 2016, just a selection of what I have thought are the top books that I have read and really really enjoyed!

I am kicking of 2017 by reading The Path of Flames by Phil Tucker and then The Copper Promise by Jen Williams and then...well you will have to wait and see.

As always, please leave a comment and we can discuss the wonderful world of fantasy literature!

Happy reading in 2017!

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