They don't come much bigger than this - On Blackguards: Tales of Assassins, Mercenaries and Rogues an anthology from Ragnarok Publications

Now lets have a think about this....ah yes i remember that day well and it was most definitely one of those sit at home, internet and read days (i.e Sunday but i can't remember that). I was browsing the internet when a link showed a path to Kickstarter and a anthology that was doing very well, a fantasy anthology, being curious i strode forth to the page on Kickstarter.

This is a how i discovered Blackguards as well as Ragnarok publications and i have not been disappointed at all, the anthology has 705 pages of introductions and story content. The anthology is all about Assassins, Mercenaries and Rogues and all the stories focus on characters of the worldly and sneaky variety that we all secretly love (or is that just me?) The stories are mostly all set in established fantasy worlds that you will probably recognise others are not, such as Bradley P Beaulieu's wonderful story Irindai set in his newly established world of the Shattered Sands. Irindai was the stand out story for me, it is simply a beautifully told story of a strange event in a girls life at a young age(no spoilers) that set's her up for future events

The anthology is full of some wonderful stories that will not fail to disappoint, i believe that short stories are far more difficult to write than novels, just in the sense of writing a complete story in a few pages it really is a master craft. The hardback version of the anthology is beautifully presented as well, brushing of the traditional dust jacket hardback look and replacing with what i know as a real hardback and the result is awesome as well as making it a easier to lug around in your back pack book as well.

All in all this is a anthology worth getting, whether in book or ebook format get it and delve in to the stories presented.

You will not be disappointed.

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