Top 5 fantasy reads of 2015

A very good evening to all (or morning depending on your time zone). This is a post i have been meaning to get out for a while but many things have been against me but here it is! The top 5 reads of 2015 from your's truly!

I am sure this is very un original but i am going to start with the numbers going one through 5 and then with some notable mentions. What's that i hear you say 5?! Due to the shear number of books i read last year i have whittled it down to 5 (partially the reason why the blog has been delayed!)

So number one! Shadows of Self by Brandon Sanderson

This is the second book in the in between Mistborn series that Brandon is writing at the moment and it is really is my number one book from 2015. This is a fantastic read, full of fantastic chases, moral dilemmas, great character development. It really was a fantastic read, not the place to start this series though, you really should read Alloy of Law before.

Number two! The Riyria Revelations and Chronicles by Michael J Sullivan

This is a series of books that i regret nearly every day that i had not read sooner. Michael's easy to read style makes these some of the most accessible fantasy books available in this sweeping genre. All i way is say is read these series if you haven't already, i love this series and would thoroughly recommend it to all who read this blog! This also includes the newest book in the Riyria Chronicles "The Death of Dulgath" which is a fantastic entry to the series, check my blog for a spoiler free review.

Number 3! The Aeronaut's Windlass by Jim Butcher

This is a astonishing book from a very prolific author and needless to say that i loved it from beginning to end. This is one of the most intriguing worlds ever to be created and it is populated by some wonderful and slightly strange characters! This is a series to watch out for if you love your fantasy, steampunk all mashed up in to one!

Number 4! The Vagrant by Peter Newman

I first came across Peter Newman in the wonderful tea and jeapody podcast and then discovered he had written a novel and what a novel it is! This is a brilliant novel, telling the story of the invasion of a futuristic earth by the usurper and his hoard. This is a great mix of fantasy and science fiction and a very different story as to anything i have read before. Peter's unusual writing style is as compelling as it is different and i challenge anyone reading this not to enjoy it.

Number 5! Twelve Kings in Sharakhai by Bradley P Beaulieu

This was another novel from an author that really blew me away! What a story and great characters that go in to this wonderful book! I loved this from start to finish and would thoroughly recommend this story to all. A story of vengeance and its consequences and mysteries within mysteries, this is a story to savour and you will not be disappointed by Bradley's writing either..its incredible.

So there you have it, my top 5 reads of 2015. It was originally going to be 10 but dues to the sheer volume of books i read last year i had to move it down to five.

I would like to point out that all these books are available at, this is a fantastic alternative to amazon. They are a friendly independent company that are very chatty and happy to discuss all things book with you, give them a try at, you will not be disappointed.

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