Tough Travels - Assassins

Welcome, welcome to another chapter in Tough Travels! On the first of every month (under the guidance of the wonderful Fantasy Faction) we will guide you through the fantasy genre and show you its wanders!

Last month, we started where all good stories start, at the beginning as "The Tough Guide to Fantasyland" by Diane Wynne Jones rightly says. This month we are covering a wholly different, dark and mysterious. I am of course referring to Assassins! Here is what the guidebook has to say on this:

"Assassins are ubiquitous throughout fantasyland. Sharp-eyed readers (or even dull-eyed ones) will notice that their hooded forms often adorn book covers, and that they frequently appear – rather improbably – not to mind being the sole focus of our attention. Whether they’re spotlight hogs or camera-shy and brooding, most assassins will have trained for years and are very, VERY good at their job (i.e. killing people for money)."

I have once again looked through my bookshelf and selected three of my favourite assassins that appear in fantasy literature, read on if you wish to know!

  1. Royce Melborn - The Riyria Revelations and Chronicles by Michael J Sullivan

The first is from arguably one of my favourite fantasy series, The Riyria Revelations and Chronicles, within these stories you will find a certain main character called Royce Melborn. Royce is a secretive, mysterious and abrupt person, who carries out his work efficiently and without hesitation. He has lightning fast reflexes and scarily efficient senses (I wonder why) that help locate what ever he is after.

  1. Szeth Son Son Vallano - The StormLight Archive by Brandon Sanderson

The second is a fairly unhappy chap from The StormLight Archive, Szeth Son Son Vallano, a truthless of Shinovar. We first meet him doing his job, very efficiently and quite noisily for an Assassin and that he is also rather unhappy about doing it all. Szeth does not question his orders, but due to his faith, he his very disturbed by it all. He is a man effected by his conscience but compelled to do his job.

  1. Longoss - Chronicles of the Black Powder Wars by J P Ashman

The first two on this list are respectful and polite people, most of the time. The next is not, he is one the filthiest, foulest assassins ever, Longoss from Black Cross by J P Ashman. He has a strong smell of urine about him, gold teeth and a love of alcohol and women. Despite this, he remains one of the most efficient killers in Wesson, prey that you do not get in his way.

I hope that you have enjoyed your visit to fantasyland, and learnt to stay away from Assassins! Next month we will be taking a look at Non Human Heroes...

Up next: "As his deeds would endure, beyond the frail bounds of mortality" A review of "To Ride Hell's Chasm" by Janny Wurts