Want a good way to start 2017? Go and read an awesome fantasy book that's how! A review of The Path of Flames by Phil Tucker

Well hello everyone! I hope that everyone is settling in to 2017 nicely. This is my first major review of 2017 and I am very excited about it. Why? Because I have just finished reading The Path of Flames, book 1 of the Chronicles of the Black Gate by Phil Tucker and I can honestly say that this gets a 10/10 from me because I really enjoyed it!

This is a fantasy novel which establishes a very divisive and cruel medieval-esque world very quickly and opens with a epic battle scene as well, this in turn is key to the magic system in the world and the development of a important character. The novel follows the fortunes of several characters as points of view and the author executes this well, this allows us as readers real insight in to this medieval-esque world.

The world is most certainly a intriguing and believable one as well, it is dominated by a religious sect called the Ascendant and its people are divided by their ascendency and what they are as well. This is key for the story as one character goes on the most extraordinary journey to discover himself and the power that he possesses, only fantasy can deliver these most extraordinary tales like this one told here.

I loved this book, it easily gets 10/10 from me and it was only book one of three! My TBR list is large by I will be making time for this series, I have high hopes for the rest of this series and I hope that you will take a chance like I did on this. I had this book recommended to me by someone from the marvelous Fantasy Faction facebook group and I am so pleased I took up the recommendation.

As always, leave me a comment so that we can discuss this wonderful book or the wonders of the world of Fantasy.

As always happy reading!

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