Weekend update - What I am reading, what are you reading?

Good afternoon all! How is everyone's bank holiday weekend so far? Welcome to the weekend update from The GrimDark Files!

Having made some real progress through my TBR list, I have been able to move on to a book I have really been wanting to read. Imagine a world where history and fantasy collide with some pretty spectacular results! Welcome to the world of the Traitor Son Cycle by Miles Cameron! I am currently reading "The Red Knight" which is book 1 and I am really enjoying it.

This is a wonderful mix of our history and chivalrous past, blended with a dose of epic fantasy and a cool magic system that relies on thought and imagination! I am really excited about this series potential and if the TBR list allows, I might be able to get the rest of the published series read we shall see.

I do have a big re read planned for this year as well, maybe after I have finished "The Red Knight".

So that's what I am reading, what are you reading? Let me know in the comments and we can discuss "The Red Knight", fantasy literature or anything really.

Until next time.....

Up next: Beyond Redemption by Michael R Fletcher