Weekend Update - What I am reading. What are you reading?

Good afternoon all! Welcome to the weekend update from the GrimDark Files. Firstly I must point out the weather, which for May has truly been lovely for the past few days, who has been outside reading?

My current reading is something a bit different as I primarily read Fantasy novels, I am currently reading Star Wars: Bloodline by Claudia Gray. This is the newest of the new Star Wars cannon of novels to be published and so far it is brilliant. This novel is set about 6 years before Star Wars : The Force Awakens and promises to show the birth of the resistance featured in the film.

This is a well written novel so far which is slowly building to what could be an exciting conclusion. The main character, Leia Organa, is well realized and her voice is captured well by Claudia Gray, appearances by other well know characters are handled well and new characters are brilliantly introduced.

I would thoroughly recommend this, particularly if you like the Star Wars novels, the new cannon is going to be pretty awesome if the writing standard stays as it is.

So that's what I am reading, what are you reading? Let me know in the comments section below and we can have a great conversation about literature.

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