Weekend update - What I am reading, What are you reading? Authors you should read!

Hello everyone! Hope that everyone is having a marvelous weekend and enjoying this brief glimpse of Summer we are experiencing! Welcome to the weekend update from the Grim Dark Files, these are updates I am using to show you what I am reading, discuss what you are reading, general thoughts and then a surprise!

So, currently I am reading "Dragon Hunters" by Marc Turner, book two of "The Chronicles of the Exile". This is series that I am really excited about, book one "When the Heavens fall" was fantastic and book two is proving to be as good, if not better. This is gritty and tense Grim Dark Fantasy for the next generation and yes I love it! I will thoroughly recommend the works of Marc Turner to anyone I meet. So that's what I am reading what are you reading at the moment? Post a comment and the discussion about fantasy can continue...

So we move to a little feature that I have been planning for a while, this will be about authors, British Authors in all their glory! I will happily rant and rave about any fantasy novel (or series) that I have enjoyed but I feel it time to showcase some British talent....

So in know particular here are the British Authors you should be reading right now! Like right now!

Ben Galley

An indie author that I came across while in Waterstone and have enjoyed everything that he has published so far! If you like epic, gritty fantasy then check out The "Emaneska series" featuring everyone's favourite Mage: Farden. If you fancy something a bit different then check out "The Scarlett Star trilogy" a western fantasy with a young hero, Harlequin Hark and a unique magic system that is beyond cool. Ben's easy to read style will assist you in your travel in Emaneska and the Endless lands.


J P Ashman

Another author I came across by accident but have none the less enjoyed immensely. J P Ashman is the author of The Black Powder Wars, with book one and the first short story published, Black Cross and Black Martlett, with Black Guild coming soon (please tell me it is soon!). This is turning in to a real favorite fantasy world of mine, a world that is not dissimilar to our own history, it can be frightening reading sometimes. J P has a thunderously awesome writing style that will immerse you in the world of Brisance and keep you there. This is an author that I will highly recommend to anyone I meet! This man is also responsible for my new found love of the Star Wars X Wing miniature game, something I do not hold against him (we need to have a game at some point) and thank him for greatly.


G R Matthews

I came across G R Matthews when browsing the site of the god folk at fantasy - faction, and boy what a discovery. G R is the author of the Corin Hayes series, a Sci Fi series and The Forbidden List, a wonderful mix of fantasy and Kung Fu. The Forbidden List is a series that I will talk about and recommend happily, a series that develops as the books progress (it is a trilogy) and when I finished the last book I was in tears as the ending is heartbreaking to say the very least. G R is a lovely guy as well who will chat and have a laugh with you, he will also provide signed copies of his books if you ask him nicely, the doodles are awesome with some of the best stick men ever drawn!


Mark Lawrence

Mark took the fantasy world by storm with the publication of Prince of Thorns and the Broken Empire Trilogy, a series about the world after a nuclear holocaust and what happens, featuring one of the greatest anti hero characters ever created Honourous Jorg Ancrath....He is also the author of "The Red Queens War", a series set in the same world but follows a different character Jalen Kendeth. Mark writing strikes a cord with me and that is of beauty, there is something truly beautiful about his writing and the world that is described in his books, if you have not read anything by Mark Lawrence what the hell are you waiting for!!??

http://www.marklawrence.buzz/ http://mark---lawrence.blogspot.co.uk/

Last but not least - Marc Turner

Marc is another British author taking the fantasy world by storm with "The Chronicles of the Exile". A epic grimdark fantasy series that is complex, bleak and hitting so many of the right notes that is simply just compelling reading. A series that takes the approach of Steven Erikson by telling different parts of a story across different books, this is truly epic fantasy for the next generation, I will happily hollow in the halls of fantasy to get you to read Marc Turner and get lost in the lands of the exile.


I would enthrall you to check all of these British Authors out and sample the worlds they have created, this list is by no means definitive. These are some authors I have personally enjoyed, please leave a comment and we can discuss authors that you have enjoyed.

That's all for now, have a great rest of your weekend.

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