Weekly update and fantasy fiction I cannot wait to read

Good evening everyone! How is everyone? Welcome to my latest blog post and I have a bit of a treat for you! There is some very exciting fantasy fiction coming out soon and as I love to promote this exciting genre I thought….The Grim Dark Files must document this!

So the fantasy fiction that I am really looking forward to this year is as follows (in no specific order)

Age of Myth by Michael J Sullivan

I have repeatedly said how much I admire Michael’s work in this blog and elsewhere! The Riyria Revelations, Chronicles and Hollow World rank among my favorite works of literature of all time! Michael is releasing Age of Myth this June the 28th (in this country -ENGLAND!!!) the first book in his new series “The Legends of the First Empire” which will predate his earlier Riyria novels and reveal the truth about legends and how misleading they are…..

Intrigued??? I know I am and I am seriously looking forward to reading this and the rest of his new series, which if you follow him on gooodreads you will see is progressing along really nicely!

The Malice by Peter Newman

I was utterly blown away by Peter Newman’s debut novel “The Vagrant”, a blazing mix of fantasy and sci fi! Written in a little used literature tense and with a silent protagonist! This one goes down as on the most original novels I have ever read! Peter (we share a name this is cool….right) is continuing the story with “The Malice” and it looks fantastic, this is a compelling world and I am really looking to delving in again. This is released on the 19th of May.

Wrath by John Gwynne

IF you follow this blog, you will know I am in the midst of a reread of The Faithful and The Fallen by John Gwynne, arguably one of the best modern epic fantasy sagas by far! Warth is released later this year and will wrapping this marvelous saga up. Be prepared for the end of the God - War people, you know it is going to be epic!

Saint’s Blood by Sebastian De Castell

The Greatcoats, a series which was made up of Traitor’s Blade and Knights Shadow, were two of my favorite books of last year! Sebastian has just released the third book in this series “Saint’s blood” and it looks to cement his place in modern fantasy literature. This has just arrived at my home so I am very excited about reading this when i reread Knight’s Shadow.

This is just a snippet of the fantasy novels I am really looking forward to reading this year, in fact I may make this a regular post if you like?So what are you looking forward to reading this year and why?

Let me know and we can discuss the wonderful genre that is fantasy.

Finally a brief update from me. I am currently re reading The Faithful and The Fallen and am now on to Valour (which is book 2). I love this series and reread is everything that is promised to be! Check out my feed on reddit for the discussion on there we are having about it over there in the fantasy section its cool!

That’s it for now hope everyone stays well in this changeable weather!

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