When The Heavens Fall by Marc Turner - The return of something special

I would not be the first to say that there has been a real explosion of fantasy literature in the last 5-10 years. Some of it is fantastic and some of it not so good, but we still enjoy reading and talking about it all don't we?

I came across Marc Turner by accident as I follow his UK publisher; Titan on Twitter and on Fantasy Faction there was loud chatter about a new author on the scene. Curious about an author writing a new epic fantasy series called, The Chronicles of the Exile, I purchased a copy.

Despite the fact that "When The Heavens Fall" was published in 2015, this easily one of my books of 2016, a Grimdark epic full of good, bad and grey characters and meddlesome gods (and some who want to be gods, meddlesome mortals), this is epic fantasy for a new generation. The story centers around the theft of a very powerful book, a magical item that belongs to the god of the underworld (who want's it back) and sends out his servants to retrieve it. The book's power ensures that many other parties become interested and converge on the magic that has been unleashed.

This is a powerful work of fantasy in my opinion, the characters are all beautifully drawn out and we learn much about them as the story progresses. There is back story but it is not info dumped on you, it is gradually learned through the characters and Marc handles this brilliantly, this was one of my favorite aspects of his writing as well. The story is epic in it's scope as well, the battles that are fought and the betrayals (you will not expect some), make this an exciting as well as an absorbing read. I keep my reviews spoiler free so I would urge you to read this epic fantasy.

I would thoroughly recommend this to any fan of epic fantasy, I believe that this is the return of something special, a complex epic grimdark fantasy with great characters, superb writing and a epic story to boot, I challenge you to read this and not enjoy it.

This is my first review for a little while so let me know in the comments what you think, and we can discuss the epic story of When the Heavens Fall.

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